IMPORTANT: Read Before Posting A Completed Work!

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IMPORTANT: Read Before Posting A Completed Work! Empty IMPORTANT: Read Before Posting A Completed Work!

Post  Will on Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:13 pm

Before posting a completed work, there are a few requirements that you have to follow.

First off, please add the following template to the TOP of your post.

[b]Date Completed:[/b]
[b]Short Description:[/b]
[b]YouTube/Download Link:[/b]
And after this you can say whatever you had to say.

That will make it easier for most users to find something they're interested in and/or make for easier navigation.

A Completed Work is, in fact a completed piece of work. If it is not complete, needs work or is under revision, do NOT post it here.

Also, for all download links use MEGAUPLOAD or MEDIAFIRE. We want you to use these because they allow for faster downloads without having to go through ads or difficulties.
If your download link sends us to a website that requires a "survey" or external download manager, it will be removed and reviewed, resulting in possible account suspension. links are ok as long as you post another non-ad link that goes to the same page straight to a Megaupload or Mediafire link.
If you do not follow this simple rule, we will remove your link and replace it with only a Mediafire link.

Thanks for following these rules.

Happy posting!

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